dylan ray arnold, Océane Bruel & Iiris Kaarlehto:
The Trouble and Trick of being together in the Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
Open on Sat-Sun 12–16

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The exhibition and the artists’ work has been supported by Taike Uusimaa, Kone Foundation and Paulo Foundation.

What are you exhibiting?
We are exhibiting results of the  process of us three spending time together and with the K17 space, the material we have brought there, and energies of the seasonal change. In the space there are raw materials, found objects, things from home, organic matter from Océane’s garden and the area around K17, spatial sketches, as well as artworks gathered from our storage, and sculptures in progress.

What kinds of themes and thoughts are behind the work?
The starting point for our work at K17 was the question of what to do with the abundance of the summer's solar energy, and the  intensive affects it has on both individual and collective bodies? In this project we have had the seasonal shift from summer to autumn and winter in our minds; the themes of harvesting, gathering, processing, sharing, and wasting, as well as the material-energetic processes and practices related to them.

What has your working process been like?
We have spent quite a lot of time just wondering and speculating about the space of K17. Following our artistic languages and desires, the material and spatial work has been shaped by our seasonal, physical and emotional needs and capacities. The working process has been an ongoing negotiation of how to embody our experience and discussions. In other words we have been experimenting with what kind of spatial organization our themes and thoughts can produce.

How did you end up working together?
It simply started from our friendship. After years of following and supporting each other’s practices, sharing interests and discussions, the desire to do something together came naturally. We thought that K17 would be a good place to experiment with the ecology of our three practices together.

What are your plans after the exhibition at K17?
Together we will slowly continue this project by making a publication. Combining notes, images, drawings and texts in a playful manner the publication will follow our research, processes, and the collective life in K17.

Iiris Kaarlehto (b. 1987) is a Helsinki-based artist working with sculpture, object assemblage, text and videos. Lately she as been thinking of  the present, the everyday, and the practices that maintain it, as well as of ruins and historical accumulations.

dylan ray arnold is a visual artist from Pihlajamäki who works with sculpture, installation, drawing, assemblage, printed matter and video. Their work accumulates into nervous and playful material arguments.

Océane Bruel (b. 1991, Montpellier, FR) is a visual artist living in Helsinki working with sculpture and installation with a material-poetic and spatial approach. She is interested in how the incorporeal aspects of life intertwine with the material world and are present in spaces.